World Literacy Day

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India Christian Ministries celebrated World Literacy Day on September 9th, 2013 at Covenant School Campus in Martur. Village President Devuni Dayanand presided over the meeting and ICM Director James Rebbavarapu lit the ceremonial candle to start the meeting and spoke about the importance of literacy, illiteracy and poverty. These three are the main hindrances of human development and so, on behalf of the ministry, we are serving the people by starting schools in the remote villages and helping the poorer to read and write. James Rebbavarapu made a pledge that all the children in these remote villages should be educated and James is stepping up to help in the process of eradicating illiteracy. Girls have not attended school but that is starting to change. ICM is encouraging girls to attend school to read and write. ICM advocates all children to attend school to receive this precious education. The meeting included many inspiring songs and literacy awareness activities.

After the meeting Covenant Christian School Students, volunteers, and staffs of India Christian ministries participated in ‘teach me to live’ and “Teach One, Each one” walk taken out in Martur. The walk was organized by James Rebbavarapu. The participants held signs and banners while marched through Martur, Prakasam Dist.A.P.

India Christian Ministries’ goal of ‘World Literacy Day’ is to spread awareness about literacy and to educate more and more people around the world.

– ICM Team