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Get ready for an exciting adventure to incredible India and experience a unique insiders view of life on the subcontinent. You will experience the heartbeat of God for a [really big] nation. Take a look at the different ICM Ministries to find the ministry you want to volunteer with. Your journey begins here.


India Christian Ministries (ICM) is a ministry dedicated to serve and mentor emerging initiatives. We help them to innovate, create, and contextualize. We provide on-site tools and services allowing them to build their capacity to be strategic, collaborative, and sustainable organizations.

Child trafficking is prevalent in India. CCDC works to break this cycle of poverty by providing a safe and healthy place for children and their families to come to receive assistance. CCDC provides education, hot meals, tutors for the children, support and parenting classes for the parents, and peace of mind. Come work to see God’s freedom realized with Covenant Child Development Centers.


Covenant Children’s Home is based on the idea that children do better in consistent, healthy, family-style living situations, rather than institutionalized care (which is unavailable or very poor in India). We focus on providing a stable family home and access to education to open doors for the children of India. Come see more about what we are doing at Covenant Children’s Homes.

Rescue Pink

Rescue Pink’s mission is to bring an end to female infanticide in India through rescue, prevention and awareness. We rescue by providing alternative options to infanticide by offering a home for abandoned girls and working towards domestic and international adoption. To get involved with God’s rescue efforts through Rescue Pink, click here.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes is a community of family-style foster homes in India that cares forSCH children and young adults with medical and special needs. SCH provides holistic care, including medical care, education, physiotherapy, good nutrition, and a loving home and family, as well as vocational training for young adults. Learn more about the redemption offered to kids through Sarah’s Covenant Homes here.


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