Jesus teaches us that who ever wanted to be the greatest among his disciples must become the servant of all. This kingdom paradox is vital not only in our ministry but in our daily Christian lives. We choose to become servants of all, so that by our love for God and for each other they may know Christ. We labour to do the works that Christ has called us to especially as outlined in the Great Commission. Freely we have received, so freely we give.

In obedience to the Great Commission, we are mobilizing churches and Great commandment Community Development Projects. Sacrificially we are giving our time and talents, and volunteering for the Kingdom. Its about going the extra mile.



While we put a great importance on intimate, relevant and passionate worship music and have written and produced many worship CD’s, Worship itself is far more than its popular musical connotation. Worship by definition is anything that ascribes worth to God. Anything done that brings glory to the Father is an act of worship. We long to see the glory of God revealed. Jesus says the Father wants people to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Everything that we do, we do as unto Him, to bring glory and honour to the Father; as we are empowered by His Spirit to reveal His Truth. Our ministries, our resources, even our very lives devoted entirely to His service as an act of worship.



Jesus is the very Word of God. Jesus is the Word of God. We receive faith when we hear Him–as the Holy Spirit enlightens us through the Scriptures, through prayer and meditation, and through communion. Through discipleship and leadership training, we connect others with the Word–Jesus, the Truth who sets them free.