11 March

A Giant Farce: Women’s Day in India

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Big-ManAs I write this, it is the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. However, as far as our nation is concerned, it feels like a huge farce. Appreciation for women rings hollow in a country where girls are killed inside their mother’s wombs simply because of their gender; where, even if they survive, they are abandon somewhere; where every moment they are treated as second class to males and receives less food, education, medical care, and still does the majority of the work. All her life, an Indian woman is told she belongs to someone: her father, husband, or even her son. And this doesn’t even include the horrific abuses like rape, acid attacks, honour killings, and other forms of abuse that stalk every woman in India.

Survey after survey has revealed that India is still one of the worst places in the world for women. Despite attempts at modernization and equality, sexual violence and extreme gender inequality are some of the worst in Asia.

Women's Day 2ICM celebrated International Women’s Day with a rally and city walk to honor the women of India. They also distributed 30 sarees to poor widow women. It was held in Ongole, Prakasam District, under the leadership of ICM Director James Rebbavarapu on March 8, 2014. DTC-DSP Mr. Ashok Kumar’s wife, Sneha lata garu joined us as the chief guest, speaking about women’s rights. She said it was about time we stopped accepting abuse as a way of life, and that until we can treat women with dignity, India does not deserve to be called a democracy.

Indians take great pride in their so-called values, where women are expected to dress and behave in a certain way. Sneha said, however, that these expectations are not Indian by any stretch of the imagination, but 19th Century Victorian English values, known for their narrow-mindedness and conservatism. She called for India to move into the 21st century, where everyone is treated as equal, as the Indian Constitution promises, irrespective of their gender, religion, caste, skin color, or creed.

Women's Day

Sneha also appreciated ICM and its leadership, saying that ICM is the best social service organization for the poor and needy people in Ongole, Prakasam.

ICM would like to sincerely thank all of the great women who have helped advance God’s kingdom, especially those in the office staff, volunteers with our CCDC, SCH and international volunteers.

28 February


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Award for ICM 2013_newspaper

On the 26th of January, India Christian Ministries was recognized for its work for social justice with an award for the Best Social Service. The award was given by the Prakasam District Collector, a division of the government of A.P, India.

ICM Director Mr. James Rebbavarapu accepted this award on behalf of ICM and all the staff, partnerships, and volunteers who made it possible.

Award for ICM 2013

12 October

International Girls Day

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The International Girls Child Day was celebrated on the campus of ICM at Enduluru Village of S.N.Padu Mandal on October 11th, 2013. The ICM Director James Rebbavarapu attained as Chief Guest speaker. He taught that girls should also be given equal opportunities along with boys so they can also learn and position themselves to get better jobs in the future. James condemns abortion and advocates that every girl has the right to birth and be brought up with good nutritional food. They should provide better educational opportunity. The countries development depends upon the welfare of women and children. Altogether about 1000 children and elders participated from different villages. On this occasion about 1000 shoes were distributed to the poor school going children.

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8 September

World Literacy Day

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India Christian Ministries celebrated World Literacy Day on September 9th, 2013 at Covenant School Campus in Martur. Village President Devuni Dayanand presided over the meeting and ICM Director James Rebbavarapu lit the ceremonial candle to start the meeting and spoke about the importance of literacy, illiteracy and poverty. These three are the main hindrances of human development and so, on behalf of the ministry, we are serving the people by starting schools in the remote villages and helping the poorer to read and write. James Rebbavarapu made a pledge that all the children in these remote villages should be educated and James is stepping up to help in the process of eradicating illiteracy. Girls have not attended school but that is starting to change. ICM is encouraging girls to attend school to read and write. ICM advocates all children to attend school to receive this precious education. The meeting included many inspiring songs and literacy awareness activities.

After the meeting Covenant Christian School Students, volunteers, and staffs of India Christian ministries participated in ‘teach me to live’ and “Teach One, Each one” walk taken out in Martur. The walk was organized by James Rebbavarapu. The participants held signs and banners while marched through Martur, Prakasam Dist.A.P.

India Christian Ministries’ goal of ‘World Literacy Day’ is to spread awareness about literacy and to educate more and more people around the world.

– ICM Team

1 August

ICM Celebrates International Women’s Day

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India Christian Ministries celebrates women and their vital contribution to Christianity, India, and the World.

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day.  ICM held a rally and city walk to honor the event, movement, and people it represents. During the event, ICM honored a local government official, Rajani Kumari, and the Mother of ICM, Rathna Kumari.  These are inspirational women who have promoted women’s rights through their work and the example of their lives.

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India has taken many steps forward with respect to women’s rights, but there is still work to be done. Sex trafficking, rape, female infanticide, and other injustices toward women are still prevalent. Through its child discipleship and community transformation projects, ICM is working to improve the lives of all women in India. ICM envisions a world where all women are treated justly and understand their value and worth as children of God.

ICM would like to sincerely thank all of the great women who help advance God’s kingdom, especially those ladies in our office staff, the great staff and volunteers with our Covenant Child Development Centers, Sarah’s Covenant Homes, international volunteers, and the amazing wives of all the church planters saturating Andhra Pradesh with the love of Jesus!

31 March

Celebrating Easter

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He is Risen! The celebrations were joyful at Covenant Churches all across Andhra Pradesh this Easter. The drums were loud and the voices were singing with full force in praise of our Lord Jesus. At ICM we are thankful for our Savior’s death and resurrection. We are thankful for His grace and peace.

We continue to work to hard to spread that grace and peace across India. We pray that next Easter even more people in India will have experienced the love of Jesus and be singing his praise!

He is Risen Indeed!