Sunoh – Kingdom Journeys

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I was a consultant and graphic designer for ICM’s visual communication strategy and “brand” platform. My job was to assess their current situation with communication, graphics, and marketing material and see where I could fill needs within the short time I was here. I’ve completed my assessment and now II can pass along any insights generated to future volunteers and visual communications staff changes to me made and updates to these areas. I also had the privilege of visiting local villages and the children’s homes, which is always a huge blessing and refreshing encouragement as a believer. Having other young volunteers around and being able to interact with them, get meals with them and hang out was definitely a huge plus. This part of India is definitely not the easiest place to live, but having peers around me has made it definitely a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

ICM is on the verge of even more expansion, through God’s help. It’s inspiring to see how many children and villages they have impacted and how it’s still all held together on common values and high standards. I personally did not get the chance to really interact with many of ICM staff but everyone has been super accommodating, clearing out desks to make space for me in the office, serving our team tea, and James especially, has gone out of his way to make it the best experience and work environment possible for us. ICM’s going to grow big and be a huge driver for good transformation for India. I see them being more involved with even community development and hosting hundreds and hundreds of volunteers.

India is definitely a unique place. The food is intense but delicious. The people are very communal and the kids are very cheerful, always greeting us in the streets. This part of India is particularly difficult for me to adjust to, because of the humid climate and dust. Seeing the faith of the people at the churches we visited was incredibly inspiring. They came up to us, with full faith that God could heal them through just our touch and prayers.

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