Stolen My Heart

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I have recently visited India Christian Ministries and volunteered with them and Sarah’s Covenant Homes. My favorite memories from my time here in India would be the preschooler and how loving and caring they are. One of the preschoolers, Max, fell asleep in my lap and that was so precious. Another great memory was of the SCH Girls. They were bundles of energy, they were crazy, and each had a totally different personality! It was such a new experience. One night we visited a village to stay the night and worship with them. It was great meeting those people and seeing their hospitality.Seeing these children with disabilities had made me seen them as still being perfect. I do not see anything wrong with them because they are kids who are genuine and they love their life. They are beautiful in my eyes and I will never see them any different than that. They are so sweet and kind and have stolen my heart! Given the opportunity I would love to comeback and even bring my mom who works with special needs children, I think she would love it!

– Lauren Bedola