Scholarships for the poor
Covenant Inheritance

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On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, ICM selected 57 children to move from primary school to intermediate studies. On behalf of Indian Christian Ministries, Director James Rebbavarapu, ICM distributed 57 scholarships to the Prakasham district, each worth a value of Rs 3000 each. Every Year ICM is distributing scholarships for the poor children in every district of Andhra Pradesh. This year in Prakasam district, Government Medical Officer J.Nageshwararao, presided over the meeting and addressed the importance of an education – particularly for these poorer regions. He spoke on the importance of the poor needing encouragement, opportunity, and accountability.When closing, he gave praises to ICM for doing just this. Congratulating the ministry for its mission to advance the poor and set up the future generation of India.