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Like so many orphans in India, their primary parental provider – their father, Samuel lost his dad to AIDS many years ago. What’s worse is that because of the nature of this sexually transmitted disease, Samuel’s mother also has AIDS and is slowly deteriorating in health.

Samuel is eight years old and has lived without his father for five years and will soon also be without his mother. Samuel was selected by the local pastor of his village, Marturu, located about an hour’s drive north of CCH’s Ongole headquarters, to be in the CCH boys home in this village. Samuel has lived in the home since its opening in 2008 and, though unable to care for Samuel in the way she would like, Samuel’s mother is welcomed into the CCH home as often as she is able to visit. His CCH brothers regularly pray for Samuel’s mom both in her presence and in private prayers.

Barring a medical or supernatural intervention, Samuel’s mother will pass in the next few years, in her mid-20s. And if a widowed mother is dying, what leaves her most anxious about her leaving this world? The dependents she has left behind.

Samuel entered the Marturu CCH home when he was four years old. He was the smallest (and downright cutest) little boy in all of the nine CCH homes at the time. Since then Samuel has grown up a bit, but remains one of the quickest CCH kids to smile and engage with others.

As Samuel’s mother considers her son’s life after she dies, she can be confident that he is getting good food and nutrition, will have all of his health needs taken care of, has a good “second family” around him, will have a strong spiritual foundation based in God’s love and he will be receiving the best private education in the entire village. These are opportunities Samuel would never have had otherwise. In the midst of her sadness, Samuel’s mother knows that her son will not only be taken care of, but will have lifelong possibilities and hope that no one in her family could have ever dreamed.

Samuel and his mother are a good example of the role that CCH can play in serving the local community of believers and even the local village community as a whole.

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