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Sarah’s Covenant Homes

Considered un-adoptable, these children end up in “handicapped rooms” at large public orphanages, where they lay on floor-mats without diapers and minimal medical care, starving for love.

The vision for Sarah’s Covenant Homes is to provide our children with the next-best thing to a traditional family. Love, growth, laughter, nurture, and more love! Over 100 children have been referred to us by the government, having been abandoned or relinquished by their families. Most of them arrive in extremely weak condition, with undiagnosed illnesses, anemia, and medical/surgical needs unmet. We provide them with medical care, education, physiotherapy, good nutrition & supplements, and lots of love.


Proper medical care & Physiotherapy


Good nutrition & supplements


A private school education in order to learn one’s way out of poverty

Family-style homes

Foster moms (volunteers) & local national widows

Proper Care

Giving them the love that they deserve


We have homes for over 100 abandoned children with special needs