Covenant Worship Centers

Due to the continual urbanization of India, the majority of India’s youth and young adults live in the cities. Most current Church models and strategies are ineffective at reaching this pivotal generation.

Therefore, in order to reach India’s youth, we have released many of our top School of Worship graduates into our Covenant Worship Centers. We’ve been seeing a lot of success with our cell church plants in these cities and our worship music and style is being adopted by churches of all different denominations. We are looking for people with a heart for leading worship, urban outreach, youth ministry, National Missionaries ministry, church growth, drama & arts, street performance, discipleship & mentoring.


Worship Events

CSOW Graduates lead worship at these centers and encourage the youth to get involved and join in praise our Lord.


Covenant Media

Our studio produces quality worship CDs, worship videos and other worship related, media resources

Worship Curriculum

We conduct 1 month intensive courses at different times and 1-week accelerated courses for National Missionaries.

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