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Being here working with India Christian Ministries and the work they do with special needs children has made me fall in love with Christ even more! I see Christ’s character all throughout these people and the love they have for others and serve them. Even in the towns and villages that have been reached with the Gospel, it is so easy to see Christ through those people. Some of my favorite memories from this trip would be working with the school girls and coloring with them. So much fun! It awesome to see how smart and humble they are and how they love each other. Being in the villages has really shown me true hospitality. People that I met would in these villages would open up a Coke and hand it to me, it was so nice. That is not something that is seen very often.

When I first came here I had little idea how large ICM was and their vision. I came to realize how large the dream of James is how well it is being accomplished. His vision for building schools and reaching villages throughout Andhra Pradesh is great. I would definitely come back to help out more with this vision. It has been a great experience.

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– ICM Team