Medical Camp of the Month

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In the month of May, ICM had gone to the village of Prasanthapuri, which is a Scheduled Tribe Colony.  The people here have no proper access to a good lifestyle. Be it proper food, clothing or medical facilities, they live far away from them and are also not well enough to avail any of such facilities. ICM’s free medical camp was a huge relief for this colony. So much so that people from the neighbouring villages had come in auto rickshaws.

The people in this village live in unhealthy conditions. Not having access to a medical facility nearby adds to their woes. They don’t even have proper houses to live in. The old people suffer even more, because of their deteriorating health conditions and no proper medical facilities to cure their condition or offer temporary relief.

About 95 people attended the camp and availed their free check-up and also were given medicines according to their condition. Not just this, the villagers were advised about the necessary steps they have to take to clean their surroundings clean and make sure to do all things in a sanitary way, so that they will not be affected by various illnesses. The people were very happy for the free service and are hoping we continue these camps in their villages.

Just a few glimpses from the medical camp

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