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When I first arrived here in India, my team and I were taken to Victory Home, a home for abandoned special needs children in India. Sarah’s Covenant Home ministry was in the process of moving 107 special needs kids out of this house into new apartments were the kids could receive more one on one care and attention. Many of the children who had not been moved yet crowded us at the gate and demanded our attention. I took each hand offered to me and gave many hugs and received many sloppy wet kisses on my cheeks and hands as we were given the grand tour of the house. I had a little boy sitting on my foot clinging to my right leg, an older girl clutching and continually kissing my right hand as another boy was pulling me in another direction by my left hand. It was a bit chaotic but as a seasoned camp director I was used to the initial craziness of meeting a large group of children for the first time.

This month has been such an incredible month working and learning from these boys! My daily routine was to go in and say hello to all the boys. If they were asleep, I woke them up (that’s right! I didn’t want to lose one minute I had with them.) Then I intentionally spent one on one time with each boy. This included holding them, kissing their
cheeks, telling them how special and loved they were, singing to them, and praying over them. Then after that day to day activities varied such as: reading books, listening to worship, clipping finger nails and toenails, picking lice out of their hair (and sometimes mine haha), playing with new toys, bathing them, going to the park, and sitting outside.

One of the greatest things that I learned is that Gods purpose for each individual is real! Each person on the earth was created for a specific purpose and just because some seem different than others does not make their purpose here on earth any less significant than any other life!

My time in India was simply amazing! When I left, I left a part of my heart with Sam, Joshua, Jasper, Nathan, and David! These give boys are incredible and they have so much to give to the lives who are privileged enough to come in contact with them. My life and perspective of people will never be the same and I owe it all to them!