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Over the last 5 weeks I have been here with Kingdom Journeys to serve ICM with their vision and strategy. The team and I are supporting one another in our projects while focusing on a primary deliverable for ICM based of our professional experience and skill-sets. My project has been to research and design a program for a new ICM operations center in Hyderabad. Our goal with this project is to assess the land and design ICM’s headquarters as the centralized location to run all of their operations, host volunteers, and serve as a collaborative space for ICM staff. My background is in Industrial Design and over the last few years I’ve worked for Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok (most recently) designing athletic shoes. Much of the design approach we use to design the form and function of a shoe can be carried into the humanistic approach architects use to define how we interact with space and light. I’ve done my best to discover ICM’s needs and fabricate this data into a design that fills the need of its staff and organizations growth.

Working with James and his management team is a blessing. They work around the clock to build God’s Kingdom. And the reason they have had such great success is a result of their hard work and late nights serving their staff and the needs of their organization. It’s amazing to see how God has blessed James with the capacity to run an organization that with mutliple growing programs and still allow him to maintain relationships with his volunteer staff and community – truly, James is an apostolic leader and the heart of this organization.

The future of ICM looks bright and – I hope – even brighter as more talented missionaries come to serve India, one of the most unreached and neediest countries in the world.

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