Drive to Become Stronger

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Murali lives at Victory home where we’ve been serving for the month of April. He is 10 year old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. When I first met him he was awake laying flat on his back and he made little eye contact with minimal movement. He can’t walk. The first few days were spent talking and singing to him to stimulate his listening skills.

It worked. He started grumbling, he was communicating with me! I’ve spent two weeks working with Murali and he’s improved so much. He knows who I am now! Every time I walk into his room, he smiles and starts kicking his legs. He is able to roll over on his belly without help. He also extends his arms when he wants to be held. I worked diligently with him to strengthen his neck muscles. In the beginning he couldn’t hold his head up without help and now he lifts his head on his own and holds it for roughly 20 seconds.He has been surprising me with his drive to become stronger. Murali doesn’t know how much he’s encouraging me. This baby was abandoned, unwanted, and unloved for most of his life; yet he still finds joy in being held and gets excited with simply going outside.When was the last time I actually enjoyed being outside? Then was the last time I truly appreciated a simple hug?I only mention a couple of many, many moments we’ve shared together. But these two things have shifted my appreciation for the simple things I take for granted on a daily basis.

– Christina Garci, The World Race