6 August

On the Rooftop

The most memorable night of this trip was when we stayed the night at a church in a village. It was a really hot night and being in the church was even worse than being outside so we decided to sleep on the roof to try and stay a bit cooler. Well that went downhill fast because right after we moved up there it started to rain and we had to go back inside. We all slept in a tiny room with a single fan that was nowhere near me. I didn’t get any sleep that night and on top of that had to wake up early to help with church. It was a frustrating but rewarding night none the less. The church service was great because it was beautiful to see all the different cultures and languages come together to worship the one true God.

Coming here I had never worked with special needs children so that was different. It was challenging but rewarding to learn from those kids. They show Gods love and his relationship with us because of how they do not care who we are or anything; they just want our love and affection. After these experiences I would come back again for a short term to help with James and Sarah’s ever expanding vision. It will be hard to leave the kids but I will take so much away from them.

– Savannah Coop

1 August

ICM Celebrates International Women’s Day

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India Christian Ministries celebrates women and their vital contribution to Christianity, India, and the World.

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day.  ICM held a rally and city walk to honor the event, movement, and people it represents. During the event, ICM honored a local government official, Rajani Kumari, and the Mother of ICM, Rathna Kumari.  These are inspirational women who have promoted women’s rights through their work and the example of their lives.

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India has taken many steps forward with respect to women’s rights, but there is still work to be done. Sex trafficking, rape, female infanticide, and other injustices toward women are still prevalent. Through its child discipleship and community transformation projects, ICM is working to improve the lives of all women in India. ICM envisions a world where all women are treated justly and understand their value and worth as children of God.

ICM would like to sincerely thank all of the great women who help advance God’s kingdom, especially those ladies in our office staff, the great staff and volunteers with our Covenant Child Development Centers, Sarah’s Covenant Homes, international volunteers, and the amazing wives of all the church planters saturating Andhra Pradesh with the love of Jesus!

29 July

Drive to Become Stronger

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Murali lives at Victory home where we’ve been serving for the month of April. He is 10 year old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. When I first met him he was awake laying flat on his back and he made little eye contact with minimal movement. He can’t walk. The first few days were spent talking and singing to him to stimulate his listening skills.

It worked. He started grumbling, he was communicating with me! I’ve spent two weeks working with Murali and he’s improved so much. He knows who I am now! Every time I walk into his room, he smiles and starts kicking his legs. He is able to roll over on his belly without help. He also extends his arms when he wants to be held. I worked diligently with him to strengthen his neck muscles. In the beginning he couldn’t hold his head up without help and now he lifts his head on his own and holds it for roughly 20 seconds.He has been surprising me with his drive to become stronger. Murali doesn’t know how much he’s encouraging me. This baby was abandoned, unwanted, and unloved for most of his life; yet he still finds joy in being held and gets excited with simply going outside.When was the last time I actually enjoyed being outside? Then was the last time I truly appreciated a simple hug?I only mention a couple of many, many moments we’ve shared together. But these two things have shifted my appreciation for the simple things I take for granted on a daily basis.

– Christina Garci, The World Race

27 July

ICM Celebrates its 16th Anniversary

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India Christian Ministries recently celebrated its 16th anniversary by dedicating a new building.

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To kick off the celebration, members of the Covenant School of Worship lead the gathering of thousands to praise God and be thankful for His many blessings.

ICM founder James then spoke about the vision of serving Andhra Pradesh even more fully with the new building.  The new building will hopefully support medical services, training facilities, children’s programs, and worship services.

God be praised!

31 March

Celebrating Easter

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He is Risen! The celebrations were joyful at Covenant Churches all across Andhra Pradesh this Easter. The drums were loud and the voices were singing with full force in praise of our Lord Jesus. At ICM we are thankful for our Savior’s death and resurrection. We are thankful for His grace and peace.

We continue to work to hard to spread that grace and peace across India. We pray that next Easter even more people in India will have experienced the love of Jesus and be singing his praise!

He is Risen Indeed!