16 February

Solid Foundation

God took God’s time to build creation. God took time to step back and look at God’s work and say, “It is good.” Jesus took time with us, by speaking to us in parables, so that we would have to consider some of the possibilities of what he was trying to teach us. I want to suggest to you as we begin to consider where ICM has been, and where God wants ICM to go in the future as we seek to continue to serve God through this project, that you too allow yourself to take the time necessary to reinforce, to rebuild or perhaps even begin to build a solid, firm foundation of faith. This church has a very strong foundation that will withstand the tough times that may come. We trust and seek God for His favour in all that we build for His glory.

kataram slab photos (1)

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Discernment takes work and we are working over the next period of time to draw closer to God. We will work to ensure that our foundation is strong, our spirituality is deep and our reasons for building this church forward into the next part of its life, are based in a discernment process that brings us closer and closer to God. Then, we as ICM will be able to stand back and say “It is good.” Amen!



15 October

International day of Girl child on 11th Oct.

The girl children were given awareness on their rights and the importance of equality in education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care and protection from discrimination, violence and freedom from child marriage etc.

Rights and empowerment of Girl child

Rights and empowerment of Girl child