10 January

Love for the Community

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The church is called to be the light to the nations, a harbour in the midst of stormy situations and a refuge to the weary. We are called to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. ICM inspires the people to live by the word of God and to practice it daily in our lives; to reach out to the community with the love of Christ. One such village, which was touched by the love of Christ through the acts of the church was Kondaveethi.   

The church at Kondaveethi is overseen by one of our missionaries. Most of the church members work small jobs as agricultural labourers, electricians, masons and the such. The income is not even enough to provide for their families needs. In spite of their shortcomings, they come together and help each other out. ICM taught this people to not just learn from the word of God, but make it practical in their lives. They were motivated to do something for their community. They immediately got to work. They recognized the need in the community.

There was a water crisis in the village. The borewells in the village that were installed long ago was in a broken state and needed repairs. Because of this, everyday, the women in the village, including the women in the church, walk several miles to get enough drinking water for their families for the day. They carry pots of water on their heads and travel several miles only for a pot of drinking water for the family. In rainy or summer seasons, this is a hard task, but they are allowed no respite even for a day, for the family will suffer.

While the community was waiting for some hope, the church decided to take a stand and decided that this is the need that should be met, to show how much God loves the community. They decided to install a borewell in the middle of the village, to make water accessible to all and within their reach. But even the members of the church could not afford this. As they were praying, the Holy Spirit inspired them to drill a water bore manually. They decided to save some money from their income and they also requested the elders of the village to contribute for this. Once the money was gathered, the members of the church got to work to drill the bore. They built a bore well in the middle of the village. The community was astonished by the work of the church and understood that the church really wanted to help people. Not just this, they even make sure that it is kept very clean for the community’s use.





During the work, the church too was astonished by the work of the Lord. They found water at a depth of just 50 feet. Everyone in the village is elated to have this new borewell. The entire village has only praises for the church. ICM has made an impact in the surrounding villages and churches by this act. The relationship of the church with the community has become better. The community saw that the church was gathering in a small temporary shelter. Out of gratitude, the community gifted the church a land to hold their services. The church was overjoyed to receive this land for the church building. They are grateful to God for His amazing love.