26 October

Flooding in Ongole October 23rd & 24th

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ICM distributes tamarind rice packets to flooding victims

In the surrounding Colonies of Ongole, ICM director James Rebbavarapu visited and talked cyclone victims and distributed tamarind rice packets to the people whose houses were filled with water and those who lost food supplies. Streets were filled by the heavy rain in colonies of Kesavarajkunta, Balaramcolony, Sriramcolony, Mother Theresa colony and in many surrounding colonies. James challenged all people and authorities to come forward and help the people affected by the cyclone. Due to the flooding many viral diseases may spread so on behalf of ICM; medical camps will be conducting soon to relieve the cyclone victims.

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21 October

Water wells

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Water is vital to life. ICM knows this and with God’s help they are adding every day to the number of water wells in Andhra Pradesh.

Annaboinapally was a village without a water well. To go and retrieve water some of the people would walk, ride bike, or take ox cart 3km away to a near stream that runs below a sandy area. They would dig and dig and dig, thus making a large hole in the sand. After a few minutes this hole will slowly start to fill with water. The villagers then start to fill up there cisterns with water to last them about a day. This is a long and very time consuming process, sometimes not even finding water. When water is found, disease and other infestations are common and the water is at times not drinkable. ICM is on the move to change this with water bore wells. A bore well is a large diameter drill that drills a large hole deep into the ground to a pocket of water. Then a well is inserted with a pipe running from the water to the top of the well. To collect water all one has to do is pump the handle and water starts flowing from the nozzle. It is a fantastic sight! ICM is doing their best to make these wells available to as many villages as possible.

This cannot happen with the support of people and organizations. If you feel called to give to help dig water wells then click the button below. Thanks so much!



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20 October


This September I came to India Christian Ministries through one of its branch organizations Sarah’s Covenant Homes. Being apart of SCH has allowed me to put my skills to use to advance the organizations ability to grow virtually. Recently I have graduated with a degree in photography and media studies. After finishing this degree my goal was to be able to advance Non-profits and NGO’s in their ability to have a stronger virtual presence. Allowing them to gain more growth and funding by connecting with people all over the world.

Right now my main goal for SCH is a bigger audience. Allowing people around the world to see the heart of the organization and what it is doing here in India. At the moment I am working on promotional material for SCH to allow the virtual community the ability to be see /connected with the needs of the organization. This will allow for better communication on what the true needs are of the organization and what people can do to help. By building SCH’s social media it will allow for the people here to continue to have a presence online and build relationships with people all over the world. Being a part of this growth is what I have always dreamed by degree would allow me to do.

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16 October

Justin – Kingdom Journeys

Over the last 5 weeks I have been here with Kingdom Journeys to serve ICM with their vision and strategy. The team and I are supporting one another in our projects while focusing on a primary deliverable for ICM based of our professional experience and skill-sets. My project has been to research and design a program for a new ICM operations center in Hyderabad. Our goal with this project is to assess the land and design ICM’s headquarters as the centralized location to run all of their operations, host volunteers, and serve as a collaborative space for ICM staff. My background is in Industrial Design and over the last few years I’ve worked for Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok (most recently) designing athletic shoes. Much of the design approach we use to design the form and function of a shoe can be carried into the humanistic approach architects use to define how we interact with space and light. I’ve done my best to discover ICM’s needs and fabricate this data into a design that fills the need of its staff and organizations growth.

Working with James and his management team is a blessing. They work around the clock to build God’s Kingdom. And the reason they have had such great success is a result of their hard work and late nights serving their staff and the needs of their organization. It’s amazing to see how God has blessed James with the capacity to run an organization that with mutliple growing programs and still allow him to maintain relationships with his volunteer staff and community – truly, James is an apostolic leader and the heart of this organization.

The future of ICM looks bright and – I hope – even brighter as more talented missionaries come to serve India, one of the most unreached and neediest countries in the world.

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12 October

International Girls Day

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The International Girls Child Day was celebrated on the campus of ICM at Enduluru Village of S.N.Padu Mandal on October 11th, 2013. The ICM Director James Rebbavarapu attained as Chief Guest speaker. He taught that girls should also be given equal opportunities along with boys so they can also learn and position themselves to get better jobs in the future. James condemns abortion and advocates that every girl has the right to birth and be brought up with good nutritional food. They should provide better educational opportunity. The countries development depends upon the welfare of women and children. Altogether about 1000 children and elders participated from different villages. On this occasion about 1000 shoes were distributed to the poor school going children.

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