30 September

Sunoh – Kingdom Journeys

I was a consultant and graphic designer for ICM’s visual communication strategy and “brand” platform. My job was to assess their current situation with communication, graphics, and marketing material and see where I could fill needs within the short time I was here. I’ve completed my assessment and now II can pass along any insights generated to future volunteers and visual communications staff changes to me made and updates to these areas. I also had the privilege of visiting local villages and the children’s homes, which is always a huge blessing and refreshing encouragement as a believer. Having other young volunteers around and being able to interact with them, get meals with them and hang out was definitely a huge plus. This part of India is definitely not the easiest place to live, but having peers around me has made it definitely a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

ICM is on the verge of even more expansion, through God’s help. It’s inspiring to see how many children and villages they have impacted and how it’s still all held together on common values and high standards. I personally did not get the chance to really interact with many of ICM staff but everyone has been super accommodating, clearing out desks to make space for me in the office, serving our team tea, and James especially, has gone out of his way to make it the best experience and work environment possible for us. ICM’s going to grow big and be a huge driver for good transformation for India. I see them being more involved with even community development and hosting hundreds and hundreds of volunteers.

India is definitely a unique place. The food is intense but delicious. The people are very communal and the kids are very cheerful, always greeting us in the streets. This part of India is particularly difficult for me to adjust to, because of the humid climate and dust. Seeing the faith of the people at the churches we visited was incredibly inspiring. They came up to us, with full faith that God could heal them through just our touch and prayers.

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20 September

Stolen My Heart

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I have recently visited India Christian Ministries and volunteered with them and Sarah’s Covenant Homes. My favorite memories from my time here in India would be the preschooler and how loving and caring they are. One of the preschoolers, Max, fell asleep in my lap and that was so precious. Another great memory was of the SCH Girls. They were bundles of energy, they were crazy, and each had a totally different personality! It was such a new experience. One night we visited a village to stay the night and worship with them. It was great meeting those people and seeing their hospitality.Seeing these children with disabilities had made me seen them as still being perfect. I do not see anything wrong with them because they are kids who are genuine and they love their life. They are beautiful in my eyes and I will never see them any different than that. They are so sweet and kind and have stolen my heart! Given the opportunity I would love to comeback and even bring my mom who works with special needs children, I think she would love it!

– Lauren Bedola

15 September


Being here working with India Christian Ministries and the work they do with special needs children has made me fall in love with Christ even more! I see Christ’s character all throughout these people and the love they have for others and serve them. Even in the towns and villages that have been reached with the Gospel, it is so easy to see Christ through those people. Some of my favorite memories from this trip would be working with the school girls and coloring with them. So much fun! It awesome to see how smart and humble they are and how they love each other. Being in the villages has really shown me true hospitality. People that I met would in these villages would open up a Coke and hand it to me, it was so nice. That is not something that is seen very often.

When I first came here I had little idea how large ICM was and their vision. I came to realize how large the dream of James is how well it is being accomplished. His vision for building schools and reaching villages throughout Andhra Pradesh is great. I would definitely come back to help out more with this vision. It has been a great experience.

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– ICM Team

15 September

Water Wells

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Water is vital to life.

ICM knows this and with God’s help they are adding every day to the number of water wells in Andhra Pradesh. Annaboinapally was a village without a water well. To go and retrieve water some of the people would walk to a near sandy area and would dig. They would dig and dig and dig, thus making a large hole in the sand. After a few minutes this hole will slowly start to fill with water. The villagers then start to fill up there cisterns with water to last them about a day. This is a long and very time consuming process, sometimes not even finding water. ICM is on the move to change this with water bore wells. A bore well is a large diameter drill that drills a large hole deep into the ground to a pocket of water. Then a well is inserted with a pipe running from the water to the top of the well. To collect water all one has to do is pump the handle and water starts flowing from the nozzle. It is a fantastic sight! ICM is doing their best to make these wells available to as many villages as possible. This cannot happen with the support of people and organizations.

If you feel called to give to help dig water wells then please click Get involved then click donate! Thanks so much.

– ICM Team

8 September

World Literacy Day

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India Christian Ministries celebrated World Literacy Day on September 9th, 2013 at Covenant School Campus in Martur. Village President Devuni Dayanand presided over the meeting and ICM Director James Rebbavarapu lit the ceremonial candle to start the meeting and spoke about the importance of literacy, illiteracy and poverty. These three are the main hindrances of human development and so, on behalf of the ministry, we are serving the people by starting schools in the remote villages and helping the poorer to read and write. James Rebbavarapu made a pledge that all the children in these remote villages should be educated and James is stepping up to help in the process of eradicating illiteracy. Girls have not attended school but that is starting to change. ICM is encouraging girls to attend school to read and write. ICM advocates all children to attend school to receive this precious education. The meeting included many inspiring songs and literacy awareness activities.

After the meeting Covenant Christian School Students, volunteers, and staffs of India Christian ministries participated in ‘teach me to live’ and “Teach One, Each one” walk taken out in Martur. The walk was organized by James Rebbavarapu. The participants held signs and banners while marched through Martur, Prakasam Dist.A.P.

India Christian Ministries’ goal of ‘World Literacy Day’ is to spread awareness about literacy and to educate more and more people around the world.

– ICM Team