Our Mission

We're making and mobilizing disciples of Christ to transform lives in India through the Church, Child Discipleship and Community Development.

Our Values

Our approach is holistic: we incorporate these three core values into all of our ministries.

Memorial Fund Memorial Fund

Paul Paparao Rebbavarapu, 75, passed away after a long struggle with diabetes on Sunday February 5, 2017 in Hyderabad, India.  He was born in 1942 in Endluru village, Prakasam, India to Sri Ramulu and Mariamma. Paul is the eldest and had three brothers, Jeevarathnam, Chenchaiah, Simpson and a sister, Emelya. Chenchaiah and Emelya preceded him […]

Work Work

We labour to do the works that Christ has called us to especially as outlined in the Great Commission. We are also called to love our neighbor as ourselves in the Great Commandment. Freely we have received, so freely we give.

Worship Worship

Anything done that brings glory to the Father is an act of worship. Our music, our ministries, our resources, even our very lives devoted entirely to His service as an act of worship.

Our Blog

Latest updates from ICM and testimonials from volunteers

10 January

Love for the Community

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The church is called to be the light to the nations, a harbour in the midst of stormy situations and a refuge to the weary. We are called to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. ICM inspires the people to live by the word of God and to practice it daily in our lives; […]

16 February

Solid Foundation

God took God’s time to build creation. God took time to step back and look at God’s work and say, “It is good.” Jesus took time with us, by speaking to us in parables, so that we would have to consider some of the possibilities of what he was trying to teach us. I want […]


What our partners have been saying

  • Seth Barnes <br> Executive Director at Adventures

    The work of God is advancing at an incredible rate in parts of India. James and his wife, Sarah, received their own vision in 1997 and immediately began to run with it. Hearing about it, you might discount his goal of completely saturating the state of Andhra Pradesh with faith, hope and love – except for one thing: it’s actually happening.

    The first step in their plan was to focus on one of the state’s 23 districts, and to saturate it within five years. Amazingly, with no resources, James recruited a team and accomplished the goal. By 2002 every village of the 997 villages in the district was reached and they formed 635 congregations.

    Since then, they’ve taken the principles that worked so well in Prakasam and have begun roll them out in every district of the state. So far they are one fifth of the way to their goal.

    I don’t know about you, but when I see how God uses men like James, I get excited. Perhaps some of you reading this need to come over here and see firsthand how the Spirit is moving. Who knows, maybe God wants you to help James saturate Andhra Pradesh with the love of Christ.

    - Seth Barnes
    Executive Director at Adventures
  • J. Frank Harrison III<br> Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

    Brother James,

    I want to thank you again for a wonderful visit with you and your team in India. We were all so impressed with your people, your process, and your impact – God is clearly blessing your ministry!

    Your hearts are evident throughout your ministry. Your teams recognize the spiritual and physical needs of the community and have a great passion for the villages. Your heads are equally impressive. The backshop processes you have created rival those of many U.S. businesses. Your diligence around accountability is enviable and something that many non-profits could learn from. We also admire your ability to drive strategic vision through tactics and execution. Finally your hands convert your words and thoughts to action. We were blown away by the activity we saw in the cities and in the villages. Real action, real caring about real issues.

    So thanks again for the visit, the education, and the inspiration. We look forward to seeing you again sometime.

    - J. Frank Harrison III
    Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated


We are have over 25 ministries running with 100+ full-time employees & short-term volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, contact us here!

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