Our Mission

We're making and mobilizing disciples of Christ to transform lives in India through the Church, Child Discipleship and Community Development.

Our Values

Our approach is holistic: we incorporate these three core values into all of our ministries.

Work Work

We labour to do the works that Christ has called us to especially as outlined in the Great Commission. We are also called to love our neighbor as ourselves in the Great Commandment. Freely we have received, so freely we give.

Worship Worship

Anything done that brings glory to the Father is an act of worship. Our music, our ministries, our resources, even our very lives devoted entirely to His service as an act of worship.

Word Word

Jesus is the very Word of God. Through church planting, discipleship, and leadership training, we connect others with the Word–Jesus, the Truth who sets them free.

Our Blog

Latest updates from ICM and testimonials from volunteers

18 July

Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

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She is a 29-year-old widow with two daughters. Her husband passed away 6 years ago. Sujatha was deep in grief from her husband’s death and was not sure how she would continue to support her daughters. She knew her parents could only help for so long. She had a strong desire for her daughters to be […]

21 June

Medical Camp of the Month

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In the month of May, ICM had gone to the village of Prasanthapuri, which is a Scheduled Tribe Colony. People belonging to the cast of scheduled tribe are considered the lowest among all other castes, untouchable and not worthy of a good life. Because of this, all scheduled tribe colonies have the worst living conditions. Prasanthapuri […]


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